Shortcut was a school project made by me and 2 colleagues of mine. David Ponces and Phillip Eguchi. Shortcut was thinking to be a mobile app only. This app works like a marketplace and helps everyone to find a good and nice hair stylist. It’s kinda like zomato or tripadvisor. We did it from the scratch to the prototypes.


To prove our idea, we started from an online survey to get more information as possible. The results were impressive. The most of people go every time to the same hair salon. But… they go to the same hair salon because they don’t know another good salons. There is almost no online feedback from hair salons!!

Another “obvious” observation were almost everyone has to call the hair salon to schedule a service. Well… would not it be easier to schedule it online in just a few secounds? I guess so…


Based on our research we decided to create three personas. Then we interviewed five people that are similar and have the same needs of our personas. The main purpose of interviews was to get feel experiences they have when they go to the hair salons.

And again… we’re proving our idea. There is a market for this!


Beyond this we did another types of research like benchmarking, swot analysis, card sorts and a few more. We need to had the most valuable information possible to avoid future problems.

  • Target: 16 to 50 years old
  • Gender: Both sexes
  • Digital affinity: High
  • Habits: People whot invest time and money in their appearance
  • Profession: Linked to interaction with other people


We started the interface design doing user flows, sitemaps and a few sketchs. This was important to us to get all the information together and synchronized. From here it will so much easier to start the firsts wireframes.


Our sketches were strong enough to allow us to advance to the wireframes without much doubts. We used Adobe Experience Design to do the wireframes. We could used balsamiq or axure but we wanted learn a little bit more of XD.


We had everything we needed: People frustrations and needs, strong information about our competition, analytical data, iterations, wireframes… everything. However we needed to put it more visual! The mockups was important to show the people how the “final product” will be.